Suppliers and Partners

inspiredspaces set up the Durham Local Education Partnership (LEP) in August 2009 to deliver transformational educational facilities through the Building Schools for the Future project across Durham.

As set out in Durham’s procurement documentation, the LEP is a strategic partnership focused around the delivery of the local authorities phased, long term local investment programme. The LEP is a company limited by shares with a majority shareholding from inspiredspaces, and shareholding by Durham County Council and BSF LLP (a body established by DCFS and PUK to invest in BSF projects).

inspiredspaces therefore is:

  • Working with the local authority and other stakeholders to refine and develop its strategic investment plans for secondary education for the area;
  • Acting as the single point of contact for the procurement and delivery of all of the services likely to be required to deliver the investment programmes ranging from design, construction, project management, maintenance, ICT services, etc;
  • Integrating and managing a diverse range of supply chain sub contractors ranging from building contractors, FM services to ICT providers; and
  • Enabling the delivery of projects through a mix of procurement routes (i.e. PFI, conventionally funded and Lease Plus).

The LEP is a ten year partnership, this partnership covers the delivery of the core BSF projects.

The details of our key partners and links to their web sites are included on the Our Partners page of this site.

The contact details for the inspiredspaces team are on the Contact Us page.

For details on joining our supply chain please visit our Carillion site by clicking on this link